lunes, 18 de marzo de 2013

GTX Titan! Behold the beast!


The long gone GTX 680 has now been overthrown by a new leader, packed with 6GB of vram the best for high resolution or multi-monitor setups, theres one downside to this new king... he's quite pricey but if you have the spare cash well it's long worth it. Here's a brief review by Linus Tech Tips, please do enjoy!

Crysis 3, did your computer burn already?!

sooo for the pc gamerss... we have a newborn that comes from the franchise of famous computer melter video games... ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to CRYSIS 3! Here is the complete review brought to you by IGN! Beware this game is a life taker, not because it will kill you, but because your life will be the game itself so don't be amazed by the beautiful graphics but also enjoy the marvelous storyline.

jueves, 7 de febrero de 2013

Networking time.

For those of you who don't know, as a gamer we PLAY a LOT ONLINE. For those of you who do know... Have you ever heard the term LAG, LATENCY or PING? well I hated those 3 words because of my old router, I had an old Linksys WRT54G2 which for everyday surfing is okay but for us gamers it's a nightmare. Every time I played I had this terrible lag, ping times as high as 300... I mean it was terrible.

That was until christmas when I bought my world savior... The NETGEAR R6300!
For us living in Honduras well we can't benefit much from all of this router's capacity but for me it was worth every single penny. This router is part of the newer generation routers that are 802.11ac faster and better than old wireless-N routers.

Here I will leave you with a full review of this state-of-the-art piece of technology:


martes, 5 de febrero de 2013

Let´s HoN!

Let´s HoN!

Heroes of Newerth is a fun, addictive and a high graphics 3D fantasy MMO with team based, competitive gameplay. HoN is inspired in dotA and it has a more in depth gaming and small details that makes HoN better than its predecesor. HoN offers many heroes to play with, high tier international competitions such as the dreamhack which prize pools go up to 40,000$ it also offers in game guides to new players and recents patchs such the one made on February 4th offers more user friendly options and a new type of gameplay in which it lets you play with bots so you can get some experience before going into the battle!

Heroes of newerth community is growing fast and S2, the game producer, is doing a great job at implementing what the community wants and fixing what the community hates! Many heroes means there are many skills and many ways to play the game wether  you want to be the healer or be the tanker in you´re team or the carry that will lead your team to victory you have a vast selection to choose from, but this is a disadvantage also as new players are not familiar with the gamplay and one bad player can ruin a game due to its lack of experience as this is a game that you have to work with others in order to win. I hope you have considered HoN and here´s some video that lets you see some of the many things HoN has to offer!

Thanks a lot for your time!

Lord Jose Andre

Extreme gaming on a laptop?!?!?!

For our fellow PC gamers... arent you sometimes tired of sitting in a chair all day long try to get that quad feed with your sniper, or trying to get that inmortal achievement on HoN? well thankfully now laptop pcs are good enough for playing your favorite games in the most extreme graphics you can!

The following videos are about the two most powerful  gaming laptops that are out right now on the market! Beware these are for the extreme gamer so please know your hardware terms! Enjoy!

The Sager NP 9370 Dual GTX 680M laptop! AMAZING!


The MSI GT70... In a few words the best one card laptop you will ever find.

Both of this videos were uploaded by xoticpc, these videos are owned and uploaded by them all rights are reserved to them and we are only using them to show you these laptops.

Welcome to GameTec

As this being our first entry for our blog, we would like to introduce each other and the purpose of this blog.
First of all our main authors and supervisors are: Alden Rivera, Ariana Muñoz, Jose Andre David and Natalia Sussmann.

We created this blog as our computer class project, this is just the beginning but as we continue with it, we will try our best to keep making entries and posting all the news you tech and gaming freaks need to know.
Our first true entry will be uploaded in a few minutes so please stay tuned with us. While we are at this we recommend for you to relax, grab some snacks and of course... GAME ON!